Wednesday, 10 July 2013


One weekend a year anything goes! 

This was my third year at Glastonbury & I still haven't seen it all. Glastonbury has everything from dancing all night to hippy massage tents. Huge bands playing such as the amazing Rolling Stones, craft workshops, theater performances, eco phone charging and just about anything else you can think of.

These are my BEST BITS.

Delicious Yeo Valley yogurt just £1 a pot with a free pot of muesli in the mornings AND a free tote bag if you desire.

Beautiful police horses dressed for the occasion.

Make your own hair garment with ringaringaroses! Just £5 each & you can sit in the sunshine choosing flowers, ribbons, buttons, feathers & other crafty bits to make a lovely hair piece.

Cake & smoothies - Smooth Criminals

A brilliant girl band from Sweden - First Aid Kit 
Sisters with beautiful voices, I predict they will be big this summer.

General playing in the mud when it rains. 

My favourite stage, you can watch the sunset & rise in the park. It's very relaxing if you wanted to get away from the crowds for a while. The park also has a great view point to look over the rest of the festival.

SugarRush Fudge! A great quick fix sugar hit & so many flavours! You'll find it just around the corner from the Pyramid Stage.

CAT POWER. She headlined The Park on Sunday night & was spectacular! 
Playing lots of tracks from her new album, a really fun summery vibe. 

The Rolling Stones of course! 50 years on & they are still going.
Bravo guys, it was amazing to see you play all the classics.

Thank you Glastonbury & see you next year!


What were your favourite bits?

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