Thursday, 24 May 2012

National Vegetarian Week

21st May 2012-27th May 2012

YES YES!! It is currently National Vegetarian Week! Why did nobody tell me, a week to make all my friends and family beautiful veggie food that they can't complain about.

So being a vegan I enjoy amazing food everyday without an ounce of animal and I really do eat well.I love cooking for myself, for others and I hope this week I can help inspire some of my meat eater friends to stop before buying meat and try something delicious and different, something meat free.

My top 5 mock meat treats:

5. Redwood Wholefoods - Gourmet Fishless Cakes. I love these with chips, peas and ketchup, most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

4. Linda McCartneys - Sausage Rolls. As a snack, on the go or part of something bigger Linda's sausage rolls make a great treat. I think they are perfect party food, great with dips.

3. Love Soya Mince. Full of flavour and the textures great. Most meat eaters who have tried it say it's nicer than cow.

2. Redwood Wholefoods - Meat Free Southern Fried Chicken Style Pieces - This stuff is amazing, it has great flavour and goes well in salads or try with rice and peas.

1. Linda McCartney Country Pies - my boyfriends favourite, great manly filling Sunday afternoon food, switch your Sunday lunch this week!

Here are some great websites selling lots of vegetarian food:


Try almond milk with your cereal in the morning, a nutty wake up splash.

Happy vegging x

Check out the inspirational website below:

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Love is Boutique

Tuesday I spent a wonderful afternoon at Love is Boutique in my home town of Tunbridge Wells. I was lucky enough to take some photographs of some of their beautiful clothes in their lovely shop with a friend who is having a fashion shoot for their magazine. Love is Boutique has a range of beautiful vintage dresses, jackets, shoes and accessories by some of the worlds greatest designers. I got lost in their wonderful range of clothing racks bursting full of colours, prints and fabrics to die for.

The Shop.

Ahh shoes.

The c c clothes.

A Fabulous 70's Jumpsuit.

Komono Jacket.

Beautiful lace jacket and skirt.

This gorgeous tee is my favourite piece in store now!

Love is Boutique is well worth a visit, their fantastic range of clothing means there is something for everyone and there are lots of bargains to be had! Take a look a round their beautiful town house shop and experience a friendly comfortable shopping experience.

Love is Boutique:

Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Recipe of the Week # Granola Bars # 100% Vegan

This recipe makes 16 yummy granola bars in 30 minutes!

150g Soya Spread (Butter alternative)
150g Light Brown Sugar
300g Porridge Oats
2 tbsp Golden Syrup
2 tsp Cinnamon
50g Dried Apricots (quartered)
50g Dried Cranberries
100g Raisins
100g Seed mix
An oven & hob


*Pre-heat your oven to 180oc.
*Turn your hob to a low heat and in a pan add your soya spread, golden syrup and sugar.
*Let the sugar, syrup and butter melt into a liquid and turn the hob to full heat and let the mixture boil for 60 seconds.
*Meanwhile combine all the other ingredients in a large bowl.
*Find a tray about 2cm deep, grease and line with grease-proof paper.
*Once the sugar mix has boiled add this to the bowl of dry ingredients and mix.
*Pour the mixture into the tray and using plastic gloves or grease-proof paper push the mixture into the tray so it is compacted and an even amount across the tray.
*Bake the mixture for about 20minutes until golden brown.

*allow to cool and cut into your desired sized bar and enjoy!

Delicious with a cup of Chai.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Bank Holiday Blues

Paint your nails.

Listen to Lykke Li.

Have a G&T

Or a lovely tea.

Go to the sea.