Friday, 21 September 2012

LONDON Fashion Weekend - Review & Snaps

I spent the day at London Fashion Weekend yesterday and it was immense!
After going last February in the evening I opted for a daytime ticket this time to catch all things Autumn/Winter in the light.
 Somerset House was jam packed with fashionable attire starting with the south wing full of heritage brands such as Pringle of Scotland and Aubin & Wills, the west wing had the more premium brands such as House of Holland and Ducie and the east wing was full of upmarket brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Robert Cavalli and many more.
The Showspace was full of sparkling jewellery, hair and beauty treats and the Vodafone lounge was in the back.
With all of that there were also lots of pop up shops in the first floor such a Levi's Curve ID store & bar!

Vodafone Lounge talk - Twitter with special guests:

Henry Holland - Designer
Carrie Tyler - Editor
Rosanna Falconer - Digital Marketing Executive, British Fashion Council
Rachel Bremer - European Communications Manager, Twitter

I stumbled in to the Vodafone lounge at just the right time. An intimate talk with Henry, Carrie, Rosanna & Rachel had begun expressing their personal views and advise about starting up twitter as a business and how to maintain it. Being a big Henry Holland fan I was really happy to catch this especially as he added his own witty comments to the talk and it was full of helpful hints.

The Catwalk

The three key trends showcased for this coming season were Kitchen Chic sixties bright prints, silhouettes, layering with eye popping knits to keep you warm in the up and coming winter chills, Sergeant Indigo with masculine shapes, military and lots of over sizing coats, parkas, trousers and shirts with Indigo this winters favourite colour and Lady Brocade with it gorgeous embroideries, metallic quilting you can't help but notice with this trend is full of sequins and velvet. My favourite show was the Sergeant Indigo, I loved the boyish clothes with pretty hair, messy buns and braids. I think this look can be powerful and sexy all in one.

It's dark but beautiful.

My Mini Gallery

My sexy House of Holland purchase.

I had a great day at Somerset House, my highlight had to be seeing the talk in the Vodafone Lounge, these talks with different special guests will be held each day so if you're heading down make sure you don't miss it!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Hot Salad. The Fashionable Food of Autumn/Winter 2012

Autumn/Winters favourite dish is THE HOT SALAD. The salad is an amazing creation because you can basically throw loads of your favourite foods into a bowl with a selection of leaves and raw vegetables and its super healthy. With the return of frosty mornings and jumper wearing evenings it can be easier to just go for a stew or pasta dish to warm you up but this year I want to introduce you to the wonderful world of hot salads and this doesn't mean toss you leaves in a pan because they will probably wither and die. This could mean roasting your peppers or butternut squash with chilli flakes, baked peaches and steamed kale. Below I have comprised a selection of super easy delicious hot salad recipes for you to try this season. If you a great lover of fruit and veg and wanting to be healthy this is for you. <3

Warm Aubergine Salad

Bake 2 aubergines with olive oil, galic, salt & pepper for 30 minutes.
Sprinkle fresh coriander & parsley and toss into a bowl of oven roasted tomatoes seasoned with paprika.
Add a bag of mix leaves & a squirt of olive oil and enjoy with a slice of ciabatta!

Kale & Pommie Salad

Steam a bag of kale for 8-10 minutes on a high heat.
Roast flaked almond nuts in the oven for a few minutes.
Cut your pomegranate a remove all you flesh and seeds into a bowl.
Add your kale once steamed and you toasted almond nuts with a drizzle of golden syrup & eat !

Fire Roasted Pepper & Mushroom (via vegan dad)

1. Roast peppers on the BBQ over med-hi heat for 12-15 mins, turning regularly, until skin is blistered and wrinkled. Place in a large bowl, cover with a plate, and steam for 10 mins.
2. While peppers are roasting, toss whole mushrooms in a bit of olive oil and place cap side down on the grill. Roast for about 10 mins, until mushrooms release most of their water.
3. Skin and seed peppers when they have cooled enough to touch. Dab off excess water and cut into chunks. Thickly slice mushrooms. Place peppers and mushrooms in a bowl, drizzle with a little olive oil, add lemon juice, and season to taste with salt and pepper.
4. Place in serving bowl and top with fresh thyme. Serve.

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

Roasted a butternut squash with chili flakes, garlic, salt & pepper for around 30-40 minutes (for best result cut into strips).
Once roasted add to a large bowl with 100gm of spinach, add a little extra chili flakes and a sprinkle of seed mix. Delicious on a very chilly day!

Please share any HOT SALAD recipes you have & let me know how these go down.

(Ingredients and portion control is in your hands.)