Thursday, 1 March 2012

Recycle your old cards

We all receive 10's of cards every year for birthdays, Christmas, sometimes if we are lucky Valentines, Easter and other special dates. These cards stay warm in our hearts for maybe a week or two then most of us just throw them away, some recycle (which is good) and others don't. I find the cards we receive have lovely designs, patterns, handmade artwork, photographs and can end up eating away anything around £2.50 each and more and I feel its time for some re-use, re-love treatment.

My favourite card distributor Paperchase :

I think its time to mix it up, cut them out, piece them together and make some new magical cards.

My Project for this weekend will be making a lovely mothers day card using old cards hidden away in my drawers so watch this space and give it a go!

Try these wonderful places:


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